May 24

Seattle Drum School



With Michael Gotz and Perry Thoorsell

An Afternoon In Sellwood

Begins a new chapter. 

This recording project was a long time coming. I’ve known Michael Gotz since about 1982.  During a session for the 2021 Federal Way Symphony Duke Ellington recordings that took place during Covid at the Vashon Center for the Performing Arts I realized I wanted to just hire Michael and do a recording. Not a gig for someone else or some other organization. We had tried to do this before but for some reason things felt different during this period.  Slightly urgent and necessary to fulfill a need. After I spoke to Michael and he agreed, he sent some Portland bass player names and Perry was the one. No question. On the phone with Perry Thoorsell he recommended Sacha at Dead Aunt Thelma’s in the Sellwood district of Portland.

Done, game over. One afternoon and tunes I love to play with the piano player I love to play with and a new friend on bass. Not trying to do anything other than that.

So, this is the first live show of three this week.

May 24 Seattle Drum School

May 26 Jazz Station, Eugene OR

May 27 Mood Indigo, Bend, OR with Lonnie Mardis joining us on guitar!

Hope to see friends and family and students out to help us get underway.

The next project is in the works!

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